Research Projects



A mobile app for supporting depression of college students. 

ABA en Español

A website aims to share resources in Spanish related to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The goal is to bring the Spanish-speaking community closer to behavioral science and its applications. 

Aventura Marina

A videogame for mobile devices to promote engagement in a museum exhibition hall. 


An adaptive exergame to support cognitive and motor skills of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Reto Global

A videogame to support global warming awareness in a museum exhibition context. 


A gesture-based videogame to support eye-hand coordination and literacy skills of children with Down syndrome. 

Manitas Ocupadas

A gesture-based videogame to support fine-motor coordination skills of children with autism. 


A videogame to support emotional awareness of people with Down syndrome.


An exergame to support visual-motor integration for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.